Monday, January 24, 2011

to all reds

Hey people,
why are you so proud become red among the blacks? 
maybe it's dashing enough and looks pretty cool, then all the eyes, cameras, or maybe spotlight will spot on you, but please...! turn your head around and ask yourself... are you in the right time, right corner, wearing right jersey? are you in football match or wedding ceremony? are you the bride, the groom, or just a little pony mini poky... what? whatever!

I think we are adult already.. *if I'm not mistaken.
then going back home and ask your heart! you know exactly when and where you should be different
or at least be silent if you don't like something, instead of hurting people who you think is... what? common? ordinary? normal?
yaa.. I forgot you are so special, you are not ordinary, you are abnormal..... very excited, indeed.

some other things you should ask yourself..
do you need to be different?
will you offend some people or let say.. community when you are different?
do you become different because you are really different or just because you need some flash shooting on you?

feel free to ask yourself.

To be honest, I'm not talking about something we are wearing, yet I'm talking about something's inside our head.

another last thing.......
Don't we remember friends? Being different doesn't always cool... well sometimes it will pull us into loneliness.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2nd meeting psychology

January, 23rd
01.30 pm
psychology class.

The tasks :
please choose either one below:

..... choose one day to awake for the whole day... 24 hours.. without sleep.. and write down all the things you do during that time. we call it sleep deprivation.
..... choose one day to awake for the whole day... 24 hours.. without take any food.. and write down all the things you do during that time. we call it food deprivation.
*no need to try ma'am! I know I failed already. next!
..... wearing the mismatched sandals, shoes, or whatever.. and go out your room to do some things outside.

*then how about money deprivation?
I think I deal with this thing everyday..
Totally sure, I'll get A ++

What I learnt :

.... People use facebook to compare themselves with others.
*haha.. that's one of the best common ever!

.... Students will highlight all the words inside the book to prove that.. "Ya.. I read this part already! next!" and they will be proud of those yellow words... ooo.. beautiful color.. nice to see..

.... Memorize only what is needed and forget the rest!
*then... which pages are needed? could u give us some tips ma'am? so that we can throw away half part of the book!! *excited

Saturday, January 22, 2011

simple #2


This January almost reach the end..
ya ya.. I don't have money left.. *come on please.. whenever it is, january, february, marchy, aprily.. I'll still stuck on this budgety, ok?

but it's not about that.
It's about my.. mm.. let say.. new life..
It's been few days since my bach-mates (again, is it correct? how to call it?).. they finish their study in this campus.
They step further to the next stage of ... the real life?
Ya.. they go internship...
learn how to deal with real barbate boss, real fussy customers, real morning chaos which never be "ahh.. so lazy.. let's just skip the.." O-o.. it's not class.. it's real work,, so wake-up-now!!

blussshhhh.. ~ ~ ~

and here I am.
sitting on the class,, listening to.. no no no... hearing.. what? I don't know.. I just hear something's whispering.. ohh khkhkhk...! so sleepy..... yaa!! where are we now?

ya.. still me and all the tasks, papers, to do list, matric card, portal, learningzone, walking under roofed tunnel, library *just need some fresh air.. outside is so hot, hoh!
khkhkhkhk.... fed up already!
come on hani... your turn will be coming soon! yey!

and what else?.. *suddenly review all the words in this posting..
God.. I just said.. "new life"
then where is it??
It's still the same, I guess..
nothing has changed..
khkhkh.. it's my bad..

ya.. nothing has changed
..unless my feeling, miss them somewhat.. :)
take care guys..

quote #1

little pieces of you get chipped away by another person, and you shave little pieces of yourself away so that you'll fit together, then one day you look up and you don't even know who you are


simple #1

little dusky

Once, my friend’s elder sister ever told her, “hey little big bonny girl, I’ll tell you something, this is about what we call as friendship, believe me, someday you’ll call it a foe-ship, it’ll leave some scratch on your toe so that you’ll take some rest under a shady tree and it’s better for you stop walking rather than let the pain creeping your whole foot then it’ll let you walk on gammy. It’s pain.
But then my friend threw out her smile and said… “dear my big big more bonny sis, I’ll tell you something, this is about what I call life. And mine isn’t yours. If someday I have to fall down, then I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine because I did it myself and I saw it through my own eyes.
To let me stand by my own foot... thank you.
At least I know how the pain is, and sure, it’ll make me stronger…

And to my little dusky brother..
Do whatever you like, I’ll watch your back.
Sorry I never call you or just text you… “How’s your day?”
Sorry for being far away. 
Sorry for all the pains I should tell you before, well u've learnt a lot.. 
Sorry for not being around when you need someone to punch your back.
But through all these things, see.. I know you are strong enough to sustain your foot step on the ground, and keep our chin up upon you.
You are cool dusky! of course when you don’t let mom crying because of your bad.
Good luck dusky! I know you can do it without me!

It's me

welcome world!

It has been quite a long time since I've left my last word hang up on my old blog.
I've been desperate struggling to be almost-perfect thinker. It's too far from the ground I'm standing now.
Correct grammar, flowery-blossomed-fancy words, the don'ts, the do's.. whatever!

Just try to be me.
It sounds better than pretending to be someone I wanna be.... ha-ha-ha
One more thing,
I'm too envy to just silent watching them playing words, throwing the ideas, sharing the feelings, or maybe just put another craps as a signal of.. "come on, I give up already!"
those reasons slap me back waking me up from dying.. no no no.. almost dying because of took too much those raisins.. hehe.. hoh...

and dear..
It's me.
sorry for the wrong grammar, spelling, or incorrect situation addressing words..
Forget about those all things! *we learn bout that latter on.... come on.. I'm sick already.
and just free to feel the world, to share the ideas, pouring the feelings on to the words, scream out loud if you wanna slap someone but no no.. he's or she's times bigger than you! haha

that's enough.
welcome to my perfect mess. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st meeting Marketing Seminar

January, 20th
10.00 am
Marketing Seminar class.

The tasks:
..... go back home, recheck group and time for other classes so that you can find any possibility for you to runaway from this lecturer and change to other group! do it precisely!! go go!!
..... find ten articles lecturer asked you searching for, go through that, read carefully, and prepare for debate.
*what??? debate??? *lemes tiba-tiba

What I learnt:
..... Not all nice lecturer will give you simply pass ticket.

..... Many people say I'm killer lecturer, but no one of my students die... *yet :S [worried]