Saturday, January 22, 2011


This January almost reach the end..
ya ya.. I don't have money left.. *come on please.. whenever it is, january, february, marchy, aprily.. I'll still stuck on this budgety, ok?

but it's not about that.
It's about my.. mm.. let say.. new life..
It's been few days since my bach-mates (again, is it correct? how to call it?).. they finish their study in this campus.
They step further to the next stage of ... the real life?
Ya.. they go internship...
learn how to deal with real barbate boss, real fussy customers, real morning chaos which never be "ahh.. so lazy.. let's just skip the.." O-o.. it's not class.. it's real work,, so wake-up-now!!

blussshhhh.. ~ ~ ~

and here I am.
sitting on the class,, listening to.. no no no... hearing.. what? I don't know.. I just hear something's whispering.. ohh khkhkhk...! so sleepy..... yaa!! where are we now?

ya.. still me and all the tasks, papers, to do list, matric card, portal, learningzone, walking under roofed tunnel, library *just need some fresh air.. outside is so hot, hoh!
khkhkhkhk.... fed up already!
come on hani... your turn will be coming soon! yey!

and what else?.. *suddenly review all the words in this posting..
God.. I just said.. "new life"
then where is it??
It's still the same, I guess..
nothing has changed..
khkhkh.. it's my bad..

ya.. nothing has changed
..unless my feeling, miss them somewhat.. :)
take care guys..

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