Thursday, February 17, 2011

a bit fed up

If I can say it loud...
I don't wanna involve in any bustle which ready to blow up my head, or pump up my heart and running my beat in messy because of the time is almost reach deadline!
I don't want anything burden my - Inysa Allah - few - months - left - campus - life.
No deadline
No must this must that
No go here go there
No please this please that
No mid-night calling
No !

I just need my personal time to arrange my little step in this long path to be in someday I'll be-
*Insya Allah.
Could you just understand?
I     need      my      own     time.

but it's just a kind of "if clause" then..
I can't say it, though.
- yaa... it's because of a bit feeling of "friends' thing." :(


I don't know what Allah asks me to learn some more here unless it'll be worth for me.
thank's Allah to still put Your trust on me.. I won't complain anything... (iyalaa.. sapa guwa?)
I'll look on it as a bucket of boon and I'll do it Insya Allah as long as Your mercy stay along with me..
bismillah.... hoh!

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