Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's me

welcome world!

It has been quite a long time since I've left my last word hang up on my old blog.
I've been desperate struggling to be almost-perfect thinker. It's too far from the ground I'm standing now.
Correct grammar, flowery-blossomed-fancy words, the don'ts, the do's.. whatever!

Just try to be me.
It sounds better than pretending to be someone I wanna be.... ha-ha-ha
One more thing,
I'm too envy to just silent watching them playing words, throwing the ideas, sharing the feelings, or maybe just put another craps as a signal of.. "come on, I give up already!"
those reasons slap me back waking me up from dying.. no no no.. almost dying because of took too much those raisins.. hehe.. hoh...

and dear..
It's me.
sorry for the wrong grammar, spelling, or incorrect situation addressing words..
Forget about those all things! *we learn bout that latter on.... come on.. I'm sick already.
and just free to feel the world, to share the ideas, pouring the feelings on to the words, scream out loud if you wanna slap someone but no no.. he's or she's times bigger than you! haha

that's enough.
welcome to my perfect mess. :)

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