Saturday, January 22, 2011

little dusky

Once, my friend’s elder sister ever told her, “hey little big bonny girl, I’ll tell you something, this is about what we call as friendship, believe me, someday you’ll call it a foe-ship, it’ll leave some scratch on your toe so that you’ll take some rest under a shady tree and it’s better for you stop walking rather than let the pain creeping your whole foot then it’ll let you walk on gammy. It’s pain.
But then my friend threw out her smile and said… “dear my big big more bonny sis, I’ll tell you something, this is about what I call life. And mine isn’t yours. If someday I have to fall down, then I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine because I did it myself and I saw it through my own eyes.
To let me stand by my own foot... thank you.
At least I know how the pain is, and sure, it’ll make me stronger…

And to my little dusky brother..
Do whatever you like, I’ll watch your back.
Sorry I never call you or just text you… “How’s your day?”
Sorry for being far away. 
Sorry for all the pains I should tell you before, well u've learnt a lot.. 
Sorry for not being around when you need someone to punch your back.
But through all these things, see.. I know you are strong enough to sustain your foot step on the ground, and keep our chin up upon you.
You are cool dusky! of course when you don’t let mom crying because of your bad.
Good luck dusky! I know you can do it without me!

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