Monday, January 24, 2011

to all reds

Hey people,
why are you so proud become red among the blacks? 
maybe it's dashing enough and looks pretty cool, then all the eyes, cameras, or maybe spotlight will spot on you, but please...! turn your head around and ask yourself... are you in the right time, right corner, wearing right jersey? are you in football match or wedding ceremony? are you the bride, the groom, or just a little pony mini poky... what? whatever!

I think we are adult already.. *if I'm not mistaken.
then going back home and ask your heart! you know exactly when and where you should be different
or at least be silent if you don't like something, instead of hurting people who you think is... what? common? ordinary? normal?
yaa.. I forgot you are so special, you are not ordinary, you are abnormal..... very excited, indeed.

some other things you should ask yourself..
do you need to be different?
will you offend some people or let say.. community when you are different?
do you become different because you are really different or just because you need some flash shooting on you?

feel free to ask yourself.

To be honest, I'm not talking about something we are wearing, yet I'm talking about something's inside our head.

another last thing.......
Don't we remember friends? Being different doesn't always cool... well sometimes it will pull us into loneliness.

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