Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some thank's words..

Thank's for Allah SWT for trust me handle this project and for teach me to be tough through a fun story.
It was fun, really.

Seeing hands of people arrange cups and chopsticks and small plastic sticks and sewing red and white pieces and whatever whatever build a pole to stand that holy pieces waving high.. was the best scene of this program! hoh!
I just worried if this last session wouldn't be able to put that feeling and message as what I expected.
but.. thank's Allah..
We did it! at least when I saw those glazed eyes staring straight and singing our holy song together.
That was so so touching.

Even though I had skepticisms to success this program but once I remembered my friend ever said...
In this time of difficulties don't ever say :
"God... I have big problem"
but instead, we should say..
"Hey problem, I have a big God"
and it's enough to collect back all my faith and my spirit to keep my eyes stay open for the whole hectic night preparing every stuffs for next day program.

Thank's for the team... jeany, nyomie, erick, and amink..
The organizers and all committees..
it's great to work with you guys!
and for my roommates who become "impromptu volunteers".. hehe.. terimakasih banyak..

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