Sunday, March 6, 2011


If I have to apologize to any people in this world..
believe me you will be the one I'll first come to..
sorry dad..
for never call you unless if I need some extra money..
sorry for never ask any question unless a crunchy "how are you?" before my begging words of extra money after that..
sorry for never share anything about my life, or even how much I score in every my semester...
sorry for any loneliness that may come in each of your day...
sorry for my only yes or no in every question to start conversation to me..
sorry for can't be as nice as other daughters of others dad..
sorry for any decision I made without asking any suggestion of yours..
sorry for run only to mom for everything.. everything..

but you should know how much I care about you..
I just can't say it dad...

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